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Suppose a Sentence is a critical and personal reflection on the art of the sentence in literature, widely conceived. It is both an experiment in the attentive form of the essay - asking what happens, and where one might wander, when as readers and writers we pay minute attention to the language before us - and a polemic for certain kinds of experiment in prose. In a series of essays, each taking a single sentence as its starting point, the book explores style, voice and context. But it also uses its subjects - from George Eliot to Joan Didion, John Donne to Annie Dillard - to ask what the sentence is today and what it might become next.

Title:Suppose a Sentence
Edition Language:English

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  • Adam Dalva

    I really, really like this joyful, varied look at 27 sentences by 27 writers, ranging from De Quincey to Baldwin to Jaeggy and beyond. Dillon takes a different approach with each essay, and often prov...

  • Marcus Hobson

    Fascinating is the best word to describe this book. I’m not sure most of us take the time to read closely. By that I mean really looking at the detail both on the page, the structure, the precise wo...

  • Eric

    27 essays on 27 sentences: I mean this in the sense that we gather from the table of contents, of one essay PER sentence (sentences by e.g. Shakespeare, Ruskin, Bowen, Jaeggy). But the truth is that e...

  • Tosh

    It is always a pleasure to dwell in the words and world of Brian Dillon. "Suppose a Sentence" is a collection of literary essays, where the foundation is the sentence. Twenty-eight essays plus introdu...

  • Gedalia Robinson

    Delightful. Really fun when it gets wacky and self referential at the end....