Perfect Chaperone

Perfect Chaperone Review

My new boss is also my accidental husband.

A week-long girls’-trip before my new job starts. How can I say no?

It’s just a week. What could go wrong?

Short answer:
Add in a bad boy next-door neighbor I had a crush on as a chaperone, too many shots, and you have chaos.
Casper knew my weakness and used it to his advantage.
All night long.
Then come regrets.
Accidental marriage.
And a ring to prove it, with a piece of paper the next morning.
It gets worse.
He’s also my boss now.

But what will he think when he finds out about our secret baby?

Perfect Chaperone is the first book in a the next door daddies romance series. As always, lots of love and romance and a very satisfying HEA!

Title:Perfect Chaperone

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    Perfect Chaperone (The Next Door Daddies Series Book 1) By: Lauren WoodShe's Getting Her Ex For A "Perfect Chaperone," & Maybe She'll Get An HEA TOO!When She gets a NEW job, Her BFF insists She NE...

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    'Lauren Wood' a name that seemed familiar and after this read I did a quick search of my want-to-read shelf which return lots of authors with 'Lauren'. Hopefully, those will not come across as draft c...

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    This was a good read. Heather and Casper dated in high school until she broke up with him. Years later he ends up on a trip to Vegas with her. He intends to find out why it ended. Of course on this tr...

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    2.5 Stars...

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    This is romantic and entertaining. Heather crushed on Casper, her next door neighbor, in high school, and dated hi after college. But when her mommy said that she couldn't see him, she stopped seeing ...

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    Heather and Casper have a history together. They dated when they were in high school and then Heather ended things without telling Casper why. Now years later they run into each other when she is on a...

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    Literally made it to chapter 3. The story didn’t flow well at all and was very stale....

  •  Lopke

    Nope... Just *sigh* nope......

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