Obsessed Review

My life is in danger, and my stepbrother is the only one who can save me.

Okay, he used to be my stepbrother.

Our parents are no longer together.

But that doesn’t make my secret crush acceptable.

It’s still wrong to want him.

And it’s still wrong to carry his baby.

Damn, my mother is going to be furious.

But he’s the only one who can find my stalker.

Peter heads a police station.

He’s vowed to put the culprit behind bars.

I need his protection.

And more than anything, I need to be in his arms.

Even if I have to fight with all the odds against us.

Edition Language:English

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    Obsessed Reviews

  • Flo??

    sorry but going to 60% without being into the book it's really bad.the story was interesting but then i lost it seeing how their relationship it's plain ..i needed more from it, i needed more backgrou...

  • LMR

    Obsessed By: Bella WintersCan She Get Away From Her "Obsessed" Stalker!?!She's hav'n a seriously BAD Day...Sooo, She sends another Text to Her once Upon a Time StepBrother...A Guy She's thought abou...

  • Sassy Angel

    This is a great story by Bella Winters. I can't wait to read more by her. Peter and Emily haven't seen each other for ten years since their parents divorce. They have never forgotten each other though...

  • Shannon Patterson

    Ever feel like you're being watched?I didn't read the preview of this story before diving in so I went in blind. I assumed there would be some stalker situation but I wasn't prepared for the stepbroth...

  • Tammy

    Emily is having a bad day and ends up texting her former step brother only to learn it is the wrong number. When she discovers she has a stalker she ends up at the police station where Peter ex-step-b...

  • Nancy

    Young Love Grows UpYoung love can be the love of a lifetime. When Emily McAfee, UMass pre-med senior, first meet Peter ten years earlier, her affection and attraction for her older, adolescent stepbro...

  • Just a Little Reading & Reviewing

    Peter and Emily were step-siblings for a while, then his father cheated on her mother and they were torn apart. Several years later and attending college to becomes a doctor, Emily reunites with Peter...

  • Sheena

    What an interesting quick read! This was one of those books that had me feeling nervous for the main character, Emily, as she was being stalked by someone unknown to her. She had a rocky relationship ...

  • Stephanie Ditmore

    I really enjoyed Peter and Emilys story. This author really knows how to grab you and suck you into the story and not let go. Peter and Emily were step siblings at one time and when their parents marr...

  • Chiquita  Bee

    A Five Star GemI absolutely loved this book by Bella Winters about young pre med student, Emily who discovers she is being stalked by some crazy. When she decides to go to the police department to re...