The Art of Frozen 2: (Disney Frozen Art book, Animated Movie book)

The Art of Frozen 2: (Disney Frozen Art book, Animated Movie book) Review

Through never-before-seen development art, character sketches, storyboards, and color scripts, The Art of Frozen 2 gives fans a front-row view of the vast creative effort behind the epic sequel to Frozen. Filled with gorgeous four-color images and fascinating facts and details from the production team, it's the ultimate insider's look.

• Art book from Disney's Frozen 2
• Features exclusive full-color concept art from the making of the film
• A must for Disney Frozen fans

Fans of Disney Frozen II The Magical Guide and Frozen II The Official Movie Special will love this book.

This book is perfect for:

• Frozen fans
• Animators and students of animation
• Disney art buffs

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Title:The Art of Frozen 2: (Disney Frozen Art book, Animated Movie book)
Edition Language:English

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    The Art of Frozen 2: (Disney Frozen Art book, Animated Movie book) Reviews

  • Echo

    Looking back at the art books I've reviewed, it looks like the one for Frozen was probably my favorite. And yet, much as I loved watching Frozen 2, I really wasn't a fan of the art book.It has been qu...

  • Marsei L.

    There is no doubt Disney has many artistic animators and artists, and they can usually put a good art book together, but I found this art book to be disappointing, in comparison to Frozen II being one...

  • Sophie Crane

    I was surprised by how much info is in this book, and some pages really do stand out, they upped their game with art books on this one, proper glad to have this book....

  • Rachel Lachut

    [3.5 stars]A cool look into the creative and design choices made for a very pretty film. In some areas it was lacking in text, and a greater variety of pictures would have been nice....

  • Panda Incognito

    This book is full of gorgeous concept art, but it is primarily visual and does not include the in-depth text that I expected. Even though other Disney art books share substantial details about the cha...

  • Courtney Savage

    I really enjoyed this book and found lots of interesting tidbits about the movie that I didn’t know before reading it. It was interesting to hear the movie talked about from an artistic perspective ...

  • Josh

    I enjoyed reading about the thought process behind this film and what inspired the production team to make it as it is. That being said, there were some concepts that I would've preferred in the movie...

  • Chelsea

    Quarantine read #1I LOVED Frozen 2, so I'm biased. It should've been at least NOMINATED for an Oscar. It was robbed. The Academy obviously didn't read this book. Or see the movie. The Disney animation...

  • Elena

    Loved it. Every single page.But the viewfoil with Elsa's epilogue dress details layered over the normal cloth?...

  • Sarah

    Beautiful book! I agree with other reviewers that there was a lot less content in this one than the book for the first movie, though, which was a little disappointing. Still a good read, though, and I...