Bound to the Workhouse

Bound to the Workhouse Review


Could her life get any worse?

Madeline’s parents, stricken with cholera died suddenly leaving her and her younger siblings out on the street. Forced into the dreaded workhouse, conditions don't get any better. When Madeline catches the eye of the lecherous warden, she knows it’s time for their escape.

Michael once considered Madeline a bit of a nuisance when they were children. She simply followed him around all the time. But when he sees her again years later, he begins to see a new side of her. The attraction is mutual.

Michael’s father however is not backward in venting his contempt. When Madeline learns of a secret that may be influencing Michael’s motives, she flees once again.

Will Madeline and Michael sort out their feelings for each other? Can a requirement from the past diminish their love for one another? Do they have a future or will history repeat itself it and force Madeline back to the unbearable workhouse?

"Bound to the Workhouse" and all Catherine Dobbs' novellas are wholesome Victorian Romances.

Title:Bound to the Workhouse

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  • Pauline Ward

    I really enjoyed this little. Story.I would re ommend this story to anyone. If you Re not reader like I am by reading these short stories will give you an appetite to try something a little longer. Th...

  • louise pryde

    Short and sweetLovely short story about a family who loses their parents,and get put in a workhouse for kids,then get rescued,worth a look...

  • Kelly Daynes

    A lovely read. A lovely read. With its lows and highs. And beautiful ending. Also very true of society in the time that this book was set in. ...