In the Shadow of the Bridge: A Memoir

In the Shadow of the Bridge: A Memoir Review

The bohemian, free-spirited existence that blessed many of Manhattan’s gifted artists and writers in the nineteen fifties and sixties has, with current skyrocketing rents and the high-income requirements of basic living, been nearly extinguished. And only for the likes of an astute observer such as Joseph Caldwell, perhaps be almost forgotten.
In his charming, brutally candid memoir, the author describes his tenure working at WQXR, the venerated classical music station, marching in civil protests and being arrested, his accomplished acquaintances, all of it part of the libertine life of a young gay man who becomes a noted playwright and novelist and Rome Prize winner. But then the mantle of the AIDS epidemic falls heavily on the city and exultation in free love and sex is replaced by unrelenting fear. In a twist of fate, a quixotic love that plagues Caldwell his entire life gives him one last chance at a relationship but in a completely unexpected and tragic ways.
This memoir is an important chronicle of the changing tide of artistic and gay life in New York City in the shadow of the plague years.

Title:In the Shadow of the Bridge: A Memoir

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    Hiding his sexuality. Embracing free love. Fighting fear during the AIDS crisis.The story of novelist, playwright and activist Joseph Caldwell in many ways mirrors the story of New York City’s artis...

  • Linda Bond

    Fans of Caldwell’s well-known Pig Trilogy as well as not-so-known writing for TV shows like Dark Shadows and The Secret Storm will be pleased to see the new memoir covering his early days in New Yor...