Motherhood: Vintage Minis

Motherhood: Vintage Minis Review

Welcome to motherhood – a land of aching fatigue, constant self-sacrifice and thankless servitude, a land of bottomless devotion, small hands and feet like warm pink roses, and velvet kisses. Here is a land where men and women, once carefree and engrossed in work and sex, now try to solve age-old arguments and search fruitlessly for another hour in the day. Perhaps you know this land well, or perhaps you’re entering it for the first time – either way, you need these honest, sharply funny, humane stories from an expert guide.

Selected from Helen Simpson’s short story collections Dear George, Hey Yeah Right Get a Life and Constitutional


A series of short books by the world’s greatest writers on the experiences that make us human

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Title:Motherhood: Vintage Minis

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    Motherhood: Vintage Minis Reviews

  • Suad Shamma

    I really enjoyed reading this book, a lot more than I thought it would. A collection of stories by Helen Simpson, each one depicting a completely different aspect of motherhood. Different experiences ...

  • Eleni (OverThePlace)


  • Ruth Wilde

    Got 3/4 through. Way too depressing. As someone without kids but knowing how hard it is to raise children this has basically put me off for another year thanks ­čĹŹ The main themes are: losing your id...

  • Sammy

    .A word that holds the pillars of this world, the pillars of our lives and houses. This word is Motherhood. Taken from her short story collections, Simpson's book takes us on a short journey of five w...

  • bongbooksandcoffee

    Motherhood is regarded as a blessing and it surely is. For where we would all be without our mothers. But do we stop to think of the enormous self sacrifice, endless devotion, the sleepless nights, th...

  • Ronja

    Interesting selection of stories, though kind of more on the pessimistic side. It seems like a quite realistic portrayal of the hard parts, but completely lacking anything good about the lives of the ...

  • Tamara L.

    Can't imagine any mother not relating to these short stories. They make you feel that you're not alone. Helen Simpson is excellent in putting mother's daily life, thoughts and emotions on paper. This ...

  • Cenk Karag÷ren

    I started to hate children after I finished this book....

  • Sarah

    Enjoyed the selection of stories but found them pretty pessimistic. I had got it as a gift for a recent mother but decided not to gift it in the end....

  • Gazala

    A nice set of short stories that I am sure most moms can relate to!...