Diary of an Angry Alex: Book 5 [An Unofficial Minecraft Book]

Diary of an Angry Alex: Book 5 [An Unofficial Minecraft Book] Review

Alex is still angry and now Steve is too! Herobrine is a horrible roommate! As expected. Even worse than Steve is. After a while Alex and Steve decide it's time to get some help from the only thing they can think of scary enough to get rid of Herobrine…THE ENDER DRAGON! But the Ender Dragon doesn't like them either, he'd rather eat them than help them. How are they going to get him to help them and avoid being eaten themselves? Find out in the Diary of an Angry Alex 5!

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Title:Diary of an Angry Alex: Book 5 [An Unofficial Minecraft Book]
Edition Language:English

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    Diary of an Angry Alex: Book 5 [An Unofficial Minecraft Book] Reviews

  • Susan Stemitz berkowitz

    Great bookJust An All around great book to read any or every day but that is just the beginning THE END....

  • akilasundaram

    SucksPlease don’t bother. The author could of changed ways but no Alex this Alex that blah blah blah. Not worth your time atonal. Used to be good now it’s terrible. I looked at this and gave the a...

  • Jamie Pitigoi-Aron

    Great book, great seriesI really wish these books were longer. That's the only reason I have it four stars. The author is really good with this stuff. I feel all the emotions of Alex. Steve can fall i...

  • Spiritual·Bella

    I really liked it if you like minecraft, read this!!!!!!!I have a question, Crafty Nicole. Why do you write so many books? Please answer can you answer? :J I love all your books!!!!!! (That I read tha...

  • Mrs Nicola McIntosh

    GreatThis book is super funny and is full of surprises. Can you make one with bees and codes in soon?...