Praying Through the Prophets: The Complete Series

Praying Through the Prophets: The Complete Series Review

The complete series of Praying Through the Prophets is now available in one volume

Praying Through the Prophets (The Complete Series) is a compilation of prayers taken from John Calvin's commentaries on the Old Testament prophets. Each prayer has a scripture that can be read alongside, deepening your love and understanding for the Word. There is nothing so fulfilling as praying to God with a Bible open on your lap ready to listen and hear from Him.

Use these prayers as a springboard into your own prayer life. As you pray you will find yourself thinking of other things to pray about resulting in drawing close once again to your Savior. Putting God first and removing any idols that are taking His place will result in a wonderfully fulfilling relationship with the Lord, and which will have an impact on all around you.

The following is a prayer taken from the 'Jeremiah & Lamentations' volume

Jeremiah 1:8-12

Grant, Almighty God, that since thou art pleased kindly to invite us to thyself, and hast consecrated thy word for our salvation, - O grant that we may willingly, and from the heart, obey thee, and become so teachable, that what thou hast designed for our salvation may not turn to our perdition; but may that incorruptible seed by which thou dost regenerate us into a hope of the celestial life so drive its roots into our hearts, and bring forth fruit, that thy name may be glorified; and may we be so planted in the courts of thine house, that we may grow and flourish, and that fruit may appear through the whole course of our life, until we shall at length enjoy that blessed life which is laid up for us in heaven, through Christ our Lord. - Amen.

Title:Praying Through the Prophets: The Complete Series
Edition Language:English

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    Clear, crisp writing breathes new life into these old classics. And to have them all in one volume is pure blessing. For anyone who is struggling with prayer or wants to know more about the old testam...