Back of the Throat

Back of the Throat Review

Sparkling with intelligence and humor, Back of the Throat is the tale of an apparently friendly visit by two government officials, which soon devolves into a full-blown, no-holds-barred probe. Khaled, an Arab-American writer and the focus of their inquiry, finds himself, to his astonishment, suddenly accused of possible ties to terrorists. As the interrogation proceeds, the officials reveal their evidence, but is it evidence? Or have innocent events been distorted through the lens of paranoid suspicion? As the situation turns increasingly surreal, and the menace to Khaled increasingly real, the question of what it means to be an American takes on a very personal and charged significance. An enthralling and ultimately chilling black comedy, Back of the Throat confronts bureaucratic euphemisms like "person of interest" and "enhanced interrogation techniques" with the frightening reality they seek to obscure.

Title:Back of the Throat
Edition Language:English

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  • Hadeel Mashhour

    Racism Racism Racism...This is what the story is all about...The racist government of America which revealed its darkest face after 11/9 event against any muslim or arab...WoW...

  • Stefania


  • Robyn

    Even though I loved reading this play, I don't think I could handle seeing it live. So many disturbing—but meaningful—scenes....