Doctor Who: Excelis Decays

Doctor Who: Excelis Decays Review

When the Doctor last visited the city of Excelis, its citizens were about to enter an age of enlightenment and reason. But some centuries later, he discovers a vicious totalitarian regime at war with the rest of Artaris, living off the efforts of a drugged and broken underclass.

Who is the mysterious Lord Sutton, and what hold does he have over the ruling classes? What are the Meat Puppets, and what role do they play in the eternal war? And why is the Doctor's arrival the final piece in a plan that has been centuries in the making?

Throughout his lives, the Doctor has fought legends. But some legends refuse to die.

Chronological Placement
This story takes place prior to the Doctor Who TV Movie.

Title:Doctor Who: Excelis Decays
Edition Language:English

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    Doctor Who: Excelis Decays Reviews

  • Danny Welch

    When The Doctor last visited the city of Excelis, the citizens were about to enter an age of peace and enlightenment but he returns two centuries later in his seventh incarnation to find the world in ...

  • Shaun Collins

    And the downward slide of Excelis continues. While this trilogy was meant to be epic, it becomes plodding by the third installment, with tales of zombified meat puppets and totalitarian regimes. It's ...

  • J.E. Remy

    It isn't surprising that a story with the 7th Doctor sometime just prior to the TV Movie would be the darkest of the Excelis Trilogy. I mean, this is the Doctor that destroyed an entire planet to kill...

  • Nicholas Whyte

    Excelis Decays is rather looked down on by fandom, but I think it is one of Sylvester McCoy's best performances, matched once again by Anthony Stewart Head and also Ian Collier, Mark Gatiss and Penelo...

  • Debra Cook

    This is even weirder than the last 2. Grevon is back as another person and stealing people's souls to reanimate bodies. Trying to start a huge war with the rich against the poor. Can the doctor stop h...

  • Christopher Buchanan

    Bit of a let down after the first two but perhaps I just had my expectations too high since its 7th Doctor and dystopia....

  • Steven

    The Seventh Doctor again visits Artaris and is finally able to resolve the mystery that two of his incarnations have encountered....