Curse of Kali

Curse of Kali Review

Beheaded by a statue that came alive?

In Victorian London, the head of a rich writer in the hands of Hindu goddess Kali would certainly indicate so and raises some peculiar questions.

Trying to find out whether the killer was even human, Inspector Lestrade decides to consult two detectives—one, the premier authority in the crime field, the other, famed ghost hunter Jason Dark.

Despite the overwhelming evidence, Dark and Siu Lin reckon there might be an even more sinister force at work than they originally suspected—and a nemesis returns!

This is the tenth volume in a series of supernatural mysteries where Jason Dark, a fearless and resourceful ghost hunter in Victorian Britain, faces off against creatures from other dimensions and the forces of evil that feed on our fears.

This series is filled with enough mystery, drama and suspenseful action to transport you to the sinister, fog-shrouded streets of gaslit London. Your encounter with the extraordinary awaits!

Title:Curse of Kali
Edition Language:English

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    Curse of Kali Reviews

  • Barry Huddleston

    Curse of Kali, a Jason Dark supernatural mystery by Guido Henkel Reviewed at Gnostalgia ( Gnostalgia )Henkel gives us another great Jason Dark short story. Inspector Lestrade calls in two detectives, ...

  • Clark Hallman

    Curse of Kali: A Jason Dark Supernatural Mystery by Guido Henkel is another very enjoyable novella about the 19th century London ghost and demon battling detective and his strikingly beautiful partner...

  • Vicki Tyley

    This is the ninth Jason Dark mystery I've read, each better than the last. The writing is crisp, the mood evocative. I especially like the historical detail....

  • Jennifer

    Who doesn’t love a good horror story with paranormal qualities? Horror is one of my favorite genres and there simply aren’t enough horror novels floating around. When Guido contacted me for a revi...

  • A Book Vacation

    This is the tenth, and final novella (for now) in the Jason Dark series, and I must say I have had a blast reading and reviewing these novellas. Henkel has created a series for the paranormal junky th...

  • Donnie Light

    This was the second book I read in the Jason Dark series. An interesting story incorporating the fictional characters of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in a relatively small way. The story moves quick...

  • Stewart Felkel

    This was my first work to read by Mr. Henkel, although he has been on my to be read pile for a month or so. I had no trouble following the story even though I hadn't read the earlier stories. It was a...